About Me

Debby Appel is a native Oklahoman and a graduate from the OU School of Law (1981). She started her federal contracting career as an 1102 in 1982 with the Air Logistic Center at Tinker AFB. She has been in federal acquisition/contracting ever since in either the legal, government or contractor environment. After traveling the world, courtesy of the US Government, she returned to Oklahoma in 1993 and reopened her office. In 2006 she moved to New York City where she currently lives and maintains her practice. Her clients are primarily small businesses which contract almost exclusively with the federal government. Her area of practice is limited, with rare exception, to federal acquisition matters. She speaks fluent "FARese".

In addition, for the fun of it, she also works part-time for companies that provides training to US government employees throughout the United States. At the moment she teaches federal contract law (basic and advanced), appropriation law, the Service Contract Labor Standards Statute, The Buy American Act/Far Part 25, construction law and other law related topics in the federal acquisition field.

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